As an avid tennis player for many years, Winters in Colorado weren’t much fun, due to a lack of indoor courts along the front range.

I used to spend the cold weather months in the Apex gym, working out and swimming, basically trying to stay in shape for the next tennis season.

Then I met Ken and found the exceptionally entertaining game of PickleBall.

Having played ping pong as a youngster and tennis as an adult, this game came naturally to me and I was soon playing competitively.

Thank you Ken, and all the wonderful people I have met and continue to meet playing this wonderful game.


When I was growing up, my Dad always had a workbench wherever we lived and could fix anything. He came from the generation that did not throw things away, but would repair and put them back in service. I spent many hours at his side and was always fascinated with how things worked.

I now enjoy repairing and restoring vintage items...clocks, radios, cameras, toys, cars and anything that was quality made back in the day.

Since I retired from the phone company several years ago, I started an at home business called Paul’s Fix-It Shoppe, just for fun.

I also shop estate & garage sales, just like American Pickers, and restore and sell vintage items I find.

I’d rather spend time at my workbench than sit in front of the TV!


Look forward to seeing you at the courts!!!


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Paul Stoehr

When I’m Not Playing Pickleball