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When I am not pickleballing, I’m working on genealogy.  It’s a window to my ancestors’ past, providing hints about how my family evolved through history of this country and Western Europe. I look at vital records, probate records, old photos, old letters and other people’s family trees to try to piece together the branches of my family tree. It takes me on trips to court houses, cemeteries, old houses and farms where members of my family lived. I find awe in the evidence of rigorous ancestral migration… from Europe across the Atlantic to New England in the 1630s and  from Illinois to South Dakota by way of stage coach and oxen cart in the 1880s.

It all started in 1966 when my grandfather handed my father a paper genealogy he had worked on for 40 years. It contained carefully researched names and dates, written in paper on pages that folded out. He had to do genealogy the old fashioned way, writing court houses and libraries and historical societies and borrowing materials by mail. I didn’t get hooked until my parents died and I wanted to connect with our family. I started with my grandfather’s paper genealogy.

Today, I use the internet and records are at my fingers. I’m also using an exciting new tool- dna analysis. Spit in a tube and send your saliva off to a testing company and you get an ethnicity profile. …ie a pie chart showing where you dna says your ancestors were from. For example,  I’m  100% European …32% Great Britian, 28% Ireland, 21% West European, 6% Scandinavia and 6% Iberian Peninsula.  That pretty much matches what I have found in my family tree.   More exciting though, I get pages and pages of people who match my dna to a greater  or lesser extent.  They’re cousins, albeit mostly distant ones.  I work with some of those people to figure  out our common ancestor.  It’s great fun.  A great big puzzle like a rubrick’s cube.  It’s a family puzzle that keeps me fascinated.

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