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“What the heck is Pickleball!”

The video & the reviews!

From: "Wargin, Susie" <>
Date: April 2, 2013, 3:33:23 PM MDT
To Subject: The Story is running!

Hi - finally - we are running the Pickleball story today in the 5pm news (so around 5:25pm) and then it will likely run again tomorrow morning but I don't know what time (I'm on nights right now).
Sorry it took so long - hope everyone likes it!
Susie Wargin
9News Sports Anchor

Wow....that was a great story on 9 news!


From: Mj Heins

Subject: Nice piece on 9News - Congrats!

From: Maryanne Keefe

Hey...great job you guys! Yeah PICKLEBALL !

From: Pete Sullivan

Just saw it. They did a nice job!

From: Mary Ozimkowski

Chris & Ken --
Just watched the channel 9 video online - you two were wonderful! Thanks so much for all you two have done for pickleball in the Denver area.

From: Laura Woodward

Great job Ken!

From: Jen Riley

I saw it and immediately said "Hey, that's Ken!" Great story, you looked fantastic!

From: Marianne Alonzi  

Nicely done!

From: Bill Reffel

Mr Pickle ball , Please DO NOT send me this are on TV more than Brad Pitt!!!! It is killing me!!! STOP!!!! Congrats Ken

From: Dina Liati

Great job, pickleball Ken.

From: Patricia Martinez

WOW Ken you are turning into a movie star...either in the newspaper or on TV..what is next.?

From: Bob Buergisser

I saw it. You have a Great TV Presents about you.

Think we should make you the International Pickleball commentator.

I think that is great I really like what you are doing and you are

very good with.


From: Jeffrey Rodriguez

Debbie and i saw it!! you have a great face for radio!

From: Walt Scherer

We saw it! Your famous! Or infamous.

From: John Zook

Great story, Mr. Ambassador! You do it all!!!

From: Brian Arnold

Any exposure is great, keep it up. I can't find anybody up here around Brighton that even wants to play or learn

From: Jane Scherer

I did see 9 News at 5 yesterday. You looked good and gave a good rundown of what pickleball is all about! I'm sure a lot of people will come and see for themselves what a lot of fun pickleball is.

From: John Reilly  

Saw it. Handsome man

From: Sheryl Somrak

Thanks Ken. I was so happy to see this because I missed the news yesterday. You are the greatest!

From: Margaret Sterlin

Saw the news on channel 9 this morning. It was done very well. Enjoyed seeing you again.
Yeah for pickleball!

From: Kris Gonzalez
Great job, Mr. Pickleball!

From: Kathie Scarbrough

Thats really cool Ken. I hope to come down and play with you guys again. I had a really good time at the Apex. I also went Sat and Sun over to the Westminister session on 108th and Wadsworth. Have met a lot of great people. I also have been playing in Fraser. If you ever get a chance to come up to Grtand lake, you should come and play with us at the grade school.

From: Linda Broom

Very nice, Ken! Thanks for forwarding as we didn't see it last night.

From: shirley seely

I got to watch this and it was so fun to watch all of you. You look great, and that t shirt, where do I get one. Thanks so much for keeping me on your list I love seeing the things that are going on with all for you.

From: Georgie Lynch

Think this video should be nominated for next years Oscars!  Chris and Ken are fabulous on and off the screen.  And kudos to Nancy for the humorous play-by-play.  Pete, you weren’t too shabby either!