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Senior Men's Doubles 3.0 - (1st) Steve Andres & Gary Murray, (2nd) Jack Dunham & Lester Green, (3rd) Bill Barbuto & Jerry Zeazey

Senior Men's Doubles 3.5 - (1st) Larry Jaramillo & Jim Kotowski, (2nd) Tom Melander & William Shreck, (3rd) Mark Evans & Brian Liekhus

Senior Men's Doubles 4.0 & Up - (1st) Tim Kuss & Don Simmons, (2nd) Doug Cook & Michael Guidry, (3rd) Steve Cole & Joe Egloff

Senior Women's Doubles 3.0 - (1st) Sheila Collins & Jane Voorhees, (2nd) Rose Seavey & Ruth Petrick, (3rd) Kay & Kim Danielson

Senior Women's Doubles 3.5 - (1st) Wendy Markley & Lori Miller, (2nd) Chris Beal & Brooks Temple, (3rd) Shari Brinn & Debra Hurlbut

Senior Mixed Doubles 3.0 - (1st) Fred Searle & Hilda Trickey, (2nd) Randy Mittelstet & Eileen Seiter, (3rd) Danny Boyle & Barbara Pronck

Senior Mixed Doubles 3.5 - (1st) Tom Carney & Brooks Temple, (2nd) Michael & Lori Miller, (3rd) Carrie Gomer & Mike Miles

Senior Mixed Doubles 4.0 - (1st) Steve Cole & Sherrie Farris, (2nd) Wendy Markley & Gary Wilson, (3rd) Ken Axelsen & Toi Creech

Adult Mixed Doubles 3.5 - (1st) Jill McCorrison & Terry Stoehr, (2nd) Bryan Jones & Chris Meyer, (3rd) Kenny Klein & Naomi Olmstead

Adult Mixed Doubles 4.0 - (1st) Paul Liang & Christy Maron, (2nd) Roxanne & Scott Lennick, (3rd) Nate Eaton & Steph Allen

Adult Mixed Doubles 4.5 - (1st) Cherie Chao & Ken Curry, (2nd) Juan Ceccato & Kit McPhail-Bowman, (3rd) Georgia Beletsos & Tao Thongvanh

Senior Men's Singles - (1st) Kim Makower, (2nd) Tim Wells, (3rd) Tom Carney

Women's Singles - (1st) Sydney Hays, (2nd) Diane Reichler, (3rd) Vicki Lindner

Adult Men's Doubles 3.5 - (1st) Karl & Jeff Rodriguez, (2nd) Pat Dorgan & Bryan Jones, (3rd) James & Tracy Clyncke

Adult Men's Doubles 4.0 - (1st) Adam & William Shreck, (2nd) Jerry Hays & Paul Liang, (3rd) Kenny Greene & Oscar Thammasine

Adult Men's Doubles 4.5 - (1st) Scott & Daniel Moore, (2nd) Steve Dawson & David Redding, (3rd) Ken Curry & Callan Dawson

Adult Men's Singles 3.5 - (1st) Dave Franco, (2nd) Kenny Klein, (3rd) Nathan Harrison

Adult Men's Singles 4.5 - (1st) Daniel Moore, (2nd) Scott Moore, (3rd) Brent Anderson

Adult Women's Doubles 3.5 - (1st) Christy Maron & Karen Wellington, (2nd) Jill McCorrison & Rose Seavey, (3rd) Molly & Becky Myers

Adult Women's Doubles 4.0 & Up - Cherie Chao & Jamie Knoph, (2nd) Bonnie Scott & Daria Stakiw, (3rd) Susan Moore & Kay Redding

Adult/Child Mix - (1st) Jeff & Mario Rodriguez, (2nd) Karl & Emilio Rodriguez, (3rd) Naomi & Nason Olmstead 

Pickleball for Heroes Tournament


Turnout, support huge for Pickleball for Heroes tournament

The Apex Simms Street Center, 11706 W. 82nd Ave., Arvada, CO, hosted Pickleball for Heroes, an inspiring, energy-filled fundraiser on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 3-6. 250 players and 133 teams competed in the tournament, and preliminary estimates indicate that more than $35,000 was raised for Operation TBI Freedom, a privately funded program of Rocky Mountain Human Services assisting veterans and active duty military personnel with traumatic brain injuries.

Many thanks to these sponsors: Rocky Mountain Human Services, the Apex Park & Recreation District Foundation, Hoffbrau Colorado, International City Managers Association, Toyota, Flying Pig BBQ, Sooper Credit Union, Stifel Financial Corp., Acuity Brands Lighting, Alliance Insurance Service, Architectural Engineering Design Group, Arvada Rotary Club, Arvada Sunrise Rotary, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture, Cobiz Bank, Collins, Cockrel & Cole, Craft Carousel, FirstBank, Haas Realty, Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District, Johnson Controls, JVA Engineering, Ohlson Lavoie Architects, Paddletek, Professional Services, Ralston Development Corporation, Scott Moore, South Suburban Park and Recreation District and Western States Fire Protection, along with all the players, volunteers and donors.

“It was a true privilege to be involved with helping Colorado veterans, along with all the players and spectators, in such a great setting,” said “Pickleball Ken” Marquardt. Pickleball Ken was instrumental in creating the tournament and establishing an active, generous pickleball-playing community in northwest Denver.

Besides raising money to help Colorado veterans, the event was a wonderful opportunity to meet these heroes face to face, hear their inspiring stories, and learn how much participants’ support is needed and appreciated. Beyond the tournament, support can be something ongoing and everyday – like thanking a vet for his or her service, said retired US Army General Joe Boyington in remarks to the crowd on Saturday.

Many community members expressed their thanks in yet another way, supporting the event by purchasing a flag to honor all heroes, or in memory of an individual veteran. These flags added a blanket of color in an open area just east of the courts.

The tournament proceeds will help ease the challenges of Colorado veterans with traumatic brain injuries as they make their transition into civilian life. In Colorado alone, more than 7,200 veterans will return from conflict with a TBI. Traumatic brain injury is a serious, yet invisible injury. Operation TBI Freedom’s program tailors a unique plan for each client that promotes optimum independence, productivity and successful reintegration into civilian life.

“For those who wanted to make a difference in the lives of a Colorado veteran, and those who love the game of pickleball, this event was a perfect opportunity to do either or both,” said Mike Miles, executive director of Apex PRD.

To learn more about Operation TBI Freedom, visit For information on pickleball at Apex Park and Recreation District, visit

Photo Albums

November 5, 2015, we presented a check for $43,861.00 to Colorado Veterans with Traumatic Brain injuries.  Thanks to all of you for supporting and making the Pickleball for Heroes Tournament so special!

Marines performing Flag Ceremony

Pickleball for Heroes Tournament

City of Arvada video about the tournament