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The History, contributed by Tom Carney

Ken Marquardt learned about this game with the silly name called “pickelball” that his friend Chris Beal introduced him to about two and a half years ago. Most people would just play the game and enjoy themselves but not Ken. This game was way too much fun to play and not have other people involved into the game.  So Ken started out on his quest to find more and better places to get people involved into this game. He has started people playing in a few rec centers in the area before he went to the APEX Center in Arvada where he met Mike Miles. Ken laid out his dream to Mike and Mike has a great vision for projects like this for his APEX programs. The two visionaries started planning and working together on their plan to make pickleball bigger and better than any other place in the area. Pickleball started out at the APEX Center with only two courts and just a few players showing up in the fall of 2011 playing two days a week. As Ken and Mike found ways to get more players involved they expanded play to four courts three days a week for rec and completive play and two courts two days a week to teaching and work with new players and give them the basics of the game in a program Ken calls “Boot camp”! On the boot camp days 20 to 30 players show up and on the regular “play” days 40 to 50 players will show up. More would show up but the wait time to play is just too long for them.

In July or August of 2012 Ken and Mike put their heads together and came up with a plan to see if it was possible to build outdoor pickleball courts in the Arvada area? The word got out to the players and the excitement was ON! On September 6th 2012 the APEX Board approved plans to build outdoor pickleball courts at the APEX property near the corner of 82nd and Simms Street in Arvada. With all of the excitement building with everyone, a Fund Raising Pickelball Tournament was scheduled for play throughout two days of competition with 48 players. This pickleball tournament along with donations from a number of supporters of the program raised $5,300- for the new outdoor courts. The APEX Foundation board also could see the excitement pickleball was bringing to their APEX Center, so they voted and matched the funds for a grand total of $10,600-.  All of this action was for players and supporters of the new pickleball courts was to show everyone that the pickleball group was behind this project completely! The group wanted to be part of the solution and our willingness to help get the outdoor pickleball courts off the ground.

Following the great results to this point, a letter was put together for the Jefferson County Open Space Advisory Committee with One Hundred and Seventy –Six signatures form Jefferson County residents asking them to financially help and support the new outdoor pickleball courts @ 82nd and Simms. In early November of 2012 all of the paperwork that was needed was turned into the Jefferson County Open Space Group. That was followed up on December 6th, 2012 when Mike and Ken, with about 10 of their closest pickleball friends for support made a presentation to the Jefferson County Open Space Board in Golden. On January 10th, 2013 Mike and Ken heard from the Jefferson County Open Space Board and was informed that $158,000- was approved for the outdoor pickleball courts at the 82nd and Simms APEX Center. On the 13th of February of 2013 the Jefferson County Commissions also approved the project to have the pickleball courts at 82nd and Simms APEX Center.

The ground breaking plans for the new APEX Outdoor Pickleball Courts at 82nd and Simms will happen in Mid-March of 2013 and the first courts to be opened sometime in July or August of 2013. Eight courts will be built in the first phase of this project with plans to expand to as many as 24 to 32 courts designed exclusive for pickleball. This area should be the first and the best planned development for pickleball in the state of Colorado. There will be a pavilion in the center with seating for 80 people and smaller seating areas on the ends outside of the courts.  We will have a great surface to play pickleball on and of course just a great place for people of all ages, young or old to play, have fun and even get some good exercise!!  This will be “The Place TO BE!” Please join us.    

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August 22, 2012

Site Inspection

October 7, 2012

Ken presents “large” check to Mike, funds raised by tournament for Apex Foundation

December 6, 2012

Pickleballers convene at Open Space hearing

Groundbreaking Ceremony!

Monday, June 3rd 2:00PM

You’re ALL invited!!

Groundbreaking Ceremony
Pictures by Georgie Lynch, Hilda Trickey
And Bill Wu

November 8, 2013, 11:00am

“Soft” Grand Opening of Apex Outdoor Courts at 82nd & Simms, Arvada! There will be a short ceremony, refreshments and you can plan on the new courts! Courts will be open daily from then on!!!

Phase 1, completed, consists of:

8 beautiful high quality PB only courts with nets, totally fenced.

A large covered pavilion with tables and benches.

2 smaller pavilions between each group of 4 courts, with seating.

Benches outside of each court.

23 new trees and landscaping with rocks and boulders.

A water fountain that will be turned on in the spring.

Wind screens that will be installed in the spring.

Lighting for nighttime use.

Parking lot, exclusively for pickleballers.

Phase 2a, to be completed next summer, consists of:

8 more courts.

Outdoor restrooms.

Phase 2b, future, consists of:

Surrounding park with beautiful xeriscape landscaping.

Operation Outdoor Courts

Construction Progress

November 1, 2013

Construction Progress

September 3, 2013

Plan - Stage 1