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Simms Street Outdoor Pickleball Leagues

Play in our 8 match league in the evenings or morning during the week.  Each week teams play the best of 5 game series and all teams play in a single elimination tournament at the end of the season.  Awards for the top 2 teams in the tournament.  All teams receive a gift for signing up.

For details call 303-467-7120

Register online at

Spring: (Mar. 13-Apr. 24)

Registration deadline: Mar. 3

Fee: $80 per team

Summer I: (May 8-June 26) No games May 29

Registration deadline: April 28

Fee: $80 per team

Summer II: (Jul. 10-Aug. 21)

Registration deadline: June 30

Fee: $80 per team

Fall: (Sept. 5-Oct. 17)

Registration deadline: August 25

Fee: $80 per team

Coed Leagues:

Monday p.m. (6-9p.m.) Beginners & Intermediate

Wednesday a.m. (8-12) Beg. & Inter.

Wednesday p.m. (6-9 p.m.) Beg. & Inter.

Thursdayp.m. (6-9 p.m.) Beg. & Inter.

Women’s Leagues:

Tuesday a.m. (8 a.m.-12) Beg. & Inter.

Tuesday p.m. (6-9 p.m.) Beg. & Inter.

Men’s Leagues:

Thursday a.m. (8 a.m.-12) Beg. & Inter.

Thursday p.m. (6-9 p.m.) Beg. & Inter.

Youth Leagues

Six weekly matches with playoffs.  All matches played Tuesday between 6 and 8 p.m.

For details call 303-467-7120

Fee: $40/player

Spring: Mar 21-May 2 (Deadline: Mar. 17 )

Summer I: May 9-June 20 (Deadline: May 6)

Summer II: June 27-August 8 (Deadline June 23)

Fall: Aug. 15 - Sept. 26 (Deadline: Aug. 11)