John Snead

John Snead plays at Apex

I think Pickleball has changed me by bringing back "that old competitive spirit", that is sometimes lost as age is found.  When an athlete adds a few years to his life, the number of games that the athlete can play grows smaller and the "competitive spirit" starts to fade away.  What a shame!  For many of us that "competitive spirit" was really all we had, as our athletic abilities were not exactly on the highest level.  But the desire to win kept us on top of our game and even allowed us to be victorious once in a while.  So Pickleball has changed me in the sense that I can now compete again in some sport.  By the way, playing Pickleball has also caused me to loose 17 lbs, which, according to my bride of forty years, creates an improvement in a number of activities.  She doesn't play Pickleball but she loves the game.  Get my drift?  Take care, my pal.