Jan Blatnik

Jan Blatnik plays at Apex


Just wanted to share with you that I taught 6 of my weight watcher internet friends how to play pickle ball. They came to Colorado for a get together from 6 different states. (OH, MI, NY, MA,WY, and CO.) We all met on line several years ago while losing weight with weight watchers. We all reached goal two years ago and between all of us we have lost about 300 pounds. I met four of these ladies last year and this year we all met one more weight watcher that was in our group. They loved pickle ball and my friend from NY has already bought paddles and balls and has started playing on the tennis courts that have been marked for pickle ball on Long Island. When we went over to the outdoor courts several weeks ago, I recruited Gary Freitas to help teach my friends. I want to give him a big thank you. All I can say, is thank you Ken for bringing your love of pickle ball to Apex and me..


Jan Blatnik