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From the Pickleball Community

Arvada pickleball players won the Golden Tennis Shoe Award for the largest team at the Arvada Ralston House .5k  Endurance Challenge. Seventy-one generous people registered with the Picklebll Group.  A big thanks to all of you! The funds raised at the race today will help abused kids and their families. Pickle peeps are the best!  Look for the golden shoe at the outdoor courts.

2016 Ralston House .5K

Arvada Pickleball Players

From Chris Beal

February News & Updates

Hello Everyone

2018 is well under way and the indoor facilities are bulging!!!  Lots of stuff going on this month - and don't forget that Valentine's Day is a great time to get that "special someone" a pickleball surprise - maybe a pickleball shirt,  some new indoor balls, a new paddle!!!, a pass to play, membership to USAPA or just a great day of pickleball and then out for movie or dinner???  Well, you are now on your own !!!

Have you "gotten to" those New Year's Resolutions ???  Lakewood Recreation would like to help you with the ones that start with "get in shape to....."  - they offer several classes to help you improve your pickleball agility and fitness.  There are several 6 week classes starting mid to the end of February and more starting in April.  These classes do not teach you to play but work with you to develop strength, balance, coordination, joint stability and agility.  Don't worry about the "level" listed with the class - they will accommodate all levels in each session. Classes are at Whitlock Rec Center on Sundays (10:45 - 11:45) and Mondays (9:30 - 10:30 am) and at Green Mountain Rec Center on Wednesdays (11:15 - 12:15). Check out the web sites or give them a call to register. 

Bernie Mills, Broomfield Ambassador, sent me an interesting article from Readers digest regarding memory loss.  According to the American Academy of Neurology there is a better way than popping pills or eating certain foods to keep your mind sharp.  They say there is no conclusive proof for the many suggested cognitive training ideas at this time to say they do or don't work but they do say that exercising just twice a week could improve cognitive function.  One study of older adults that attended biweekly sessions of aerobics, strength training, balance exercises or multitasking training for 6 months scored better on cognitive health and memory tests and had less brain shrinkage.  So there you go - another reason to get to the gym.

Meadow Creek's tourney is Feb 17 & 18 - deadline to register is Feb 10th - give Jaime Stokes a call - 303-232-0150 to see if they still have any openings - registeration fee is only $25 per person.

A great event happening on February 22, 2018 is one to celebrate and honor Ken and Sharon Marquardt - The Changing Lives Award Event and Dinner - at 6842 Wadsworth Blvd in Arvada beginning at 5:00.  Tickets for the dinner are only $15 (includes dessert !!!) - please purchase by Feb. 15th.   Dress is casual (wear your favorite pickleball shirt).  Send your check for the dinner to Jackie Gilligan @ 5314 Newcombe St, Arvada 80002 - make the check to Jackie and if you would also like to donate to Operation TBI Freedom (Colorado veterans with traumatic brain injuries)- make that check to Craig Hospital Foundation but mail it to Jackie also.  This will be a great time to honor Ken and Sharon, chat with lots of pickleball friends, hear the wonderful stories of folks whose lives are changed through all the wonderful efforts of Operation TBI and Pickleball Ken.  Ken was recognized on February 5th by the City of Arvada at their City Council meeting for all his great efforts with the Heros tourney and for his tremendous efforts securing lots of "places to play".

Interested in Spring pickleball leagues - Apex center will begin league play March 12th - check it out at or email

Need some instruction:   free beginner classes at Whitlock every Friday 3 - 5 and great skills and drills sessions at Apex Tues & Thurs.  I know Westminster rec offers dkills and drills on Wed, 1 - 3 and  South Suburban Parks and Rec offers clinics and boot camps throughout the year and probably other venues do also - give them a call to see what they offer.  Plus there are several players who give lessons - if interested send me an email and I will "try" to get you the info.  If you are a pickleball instructor and would like me to give out your info, let me know.

Stephanie McDonald announced that their Spring Break clinics with Mark Reneson are now open for registration.  The clinics are targeted for the 3.0 - 3.5 player.  clinics are 2 1/2 hours @ the Darren Patterson Christian Academy gym - 518 S. San Juan Ave, Buena Vista, Co. March 27, 28 and 29.  Pricing is $65 for group clinics - seperate pricing for ind. or small group lessons. Register at Mark also offers small group and individual lessons and you can get more information from Stephanie Mcdondal at  or 281-685-3557,

Orlie Carpio from the Northern Front Range Pickleball club has a couple of very interesting events occurring in March.  One is the Border War with teams from Colorado and Wyoming sending 16 players to Casper on March 19th to compete in men's, women's and mixed doubles.  This is sponsored by Power 2 Play Sports.  Selection to the team is by invitation - if you are a member of the Northern Front Range Club and would like to be considered for the team, contact Orlie by Feb 9th - 970-631-6998 .  The other event occurs on March 24th & 25th in Windsor @ Power 2 Play Sports Center - it is an indoor 8 Team Challenge event - 20 players per team  with divisions in 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 (possible 5.0 if enough interest) - entry fee is $500 ($25 per player).  Again, contact Orlie by March 11th if interested in entering a team - or 970-631-6998

USAPA's revised official rules are now out - do you know who can call NVZ faults, what happens if the ball hits the horizontal bar on the portable nets or correct way to call the score before serving???  Or have you wondered what the greatest mistake players make from the middle of the court or how to find the perfect paddle ????  You can assess all of this and more from The Pickleball Magazine provided with your membership to USAPA.  Check out the USAPA web page for more information.

 Pickleball Channel will give you some great advice on how to hit more winners!!  check it out = it is free - go to  Also watch those top player videos to see that "yes, it is important to learn the short game at the line" !!!

Some of the paddle companies are starting to market their "quiet" paddles:  Patriot Pickleball has the Sniper Quiet paddle, Paddletech advertises the Bantam Ex-L as a quiet paddle, Aero has the Swift 2.0 Composite with the Ultra silent EcoCore, and Gamma's first priority is to produce a quieter paddle.  If you are considering purchasing a new paddle, you might want to check out the above paddles.

The Denver Metro Pickleball Association has a great web site -  This organization would like to set up a master calendar on their website of all the pickleball events/news in the metro area - if you know of an event or want to find out "what's happening" check out this site.  Contact Dede Frain for more infomation about adding an event,  membership and the association's goals -

Rumor has it that Sheridan will be getting 6 or more outdoor dedicated pickleball courts and a couple new tennis courts!!! Way to go Sheriden.

Thinking about a pickleball vacation??? Just Google pickleball vacations/trips and you can even find homes available with pickleball courts on the property (with a pool and gazebo of course!) - you can play in "paradise", play with the pros, stay in Colorado or search all 50 states, go aboard , how about Baja,  cruise, bike and play, check out Pinterest Holidays,  .......I bet Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum and Bill Bell never dreamed back in 1965 what this simple "little game" would become!!!


 For those of you who play at Whitlock Rec Center - The Thurs evening drop in time has been moved to Tues 6 - 9pm  (no drop in on Thurs evening) and the Friday drop in time has been extended 2 - 8  in the South gym - beginner and intermediate play only from 2 - 6 and then  two courts for beg/intermediate play 6 - 8 and one court for advanced play from 6 - 8. The North gym is the same drop in time 2 - 6 or until the badminton folks show up. Please share this info with other folks who play there.  Thanks for your flexibility.



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