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From the Pickleball Community

Arvada pickleball players won the Golden Tennis Shoe Award for the largest team at the Arvada Ralston House .5k  Endurance Challenge. Seventy-one generous people registered with the Picklebll Group.  A big thanks to all of you! The funds raised at the race today will help abused kids and their families. Pickle peeps are the best!  Look for the golden shoe at the outdoor courts.

2016 Ralston House .5K

Arvada Pickleball Players

From Chris Beal

News & Updates

Hello Everyone

I hope you all are having a great start to summer pickleball and find yourself on the courts more often than not.  Yes, the lawn needs to be mowed, the weeds pulled, flowers watered but...there just doesn't seem right to leave your friends on the courts having so much fun !!!

For those of you who thought you had been dropped from the mailing list, not true - I was out of town much of May and did not send a newsletter last month. So let's get to all the news that I have received the past few weeks.

 I was not able to get you the info for the 4 square tourney that Lifetime Sports hosted on June 3rd but it sure sounded like fun.  I want to be sure to be in town if they do it again.  If you played in the tourney, let me know how it went. 

Anita and Dan  Boyle asked me to mention the upcoming Undy 5K run and the 1.5 Family Walk  which will be held at City Park on June 24th.  The event supports the Colon Cancer Alliance in Denver.  Your participation supports the Alliance's prevention, research, family and patient support programs including funding local screenings.  You can register for this great event at:  Sign in begins at 7am, 5k at 8:30 and Family Fun walk shortly thereafter.  You can call Anita at 303-941-4126 if you have any questions.

Next up comes some tournaments -  please note that there may be other tourneys happening that I have not received any info about or have been asked to spread the word.

The SSIPA Super Senior Classic Tourney which Marc Rinehart and Tim Kuss are organizing will be held at Cornerstone Park on July 18 - 20th.  They have added a very fun sounding Combo Challenge which each doubles team may enter:  there is a dink challenge and a volley challenge - basically a one minute contest to determine which team can dink/volley the "most" times with each other (partner to partner). If you have not registered for this tourney yet, give Marc a call 720-987-8929 or email .  THEY STILL NEED LOTS OF HELP!!!!  Please let Marc know if you would be available to help:  they need announcers, referees, score posting, registration, anyone who has certification with AED/first aid, help with the Combo Challenge, set up, awards, and more...The Denver Metro Pickleball Club is  also assisting - contact Dede Frain if you have not already signed up through the club:  Let's reach out and help make this first Denver SSIPA tourney a huge success.  You do not have to be a senior to help!!!!    If you are 60-64 and a 3.5 player and need a male partner contact Darrell @ 314-333-1134 - he would love to team up with you.

Following that tourney is the Colorado State Games - July 22 - 23rd in Colorado Springs which is Colorado's largest sports festival.  The Pikes Peak Pickleball Club will host this fun tourney at the Monument Valley Courts.  You can register at:

August  brings us the Rocky Mountain Senior Games in Greeley - Aug. 24 finds the women playing doubles and singles, 25th brings on the mixed doubles teams and the 26th rallies the men's doubles and singles.  Pool play with top teams advancing to a single elimination. bracket.

As I stated, there may be other tourneys scheduled with various recreation departments - check with South Suburban, Erie, Lifetime Fitness in Parker, Highlands Ranch ....and you can always check:

Pete Sullivan and crew are enjoying playing Tues and Thurs at the newly surfaced courts at Martin Luther King Park.  They were starting at 10:30 but contact Pete - - to be sure of time and days if you are an intermediate player and would like to join in the fun. 

Lakewood Parks and Rec will be holding a
 pickleball happy hour on July 18th from 4 - 6pm at the outdoor courts at Whitlock Rec Center, 1555 Dover, Lakewood.  Eric Gavinski, who is the Adult Sports Programmer for the City of Lakewood, wants to provide an opportunity for a trial run of leagues for the Fall.  See you on the courts for some "happy time" play!!!

Denver Parks and Rec is looking to host another indoor tourney this Fall or early Winter - will let you know when dates have been set.

South Suburban has set some new rules for drop in play - be sure to check it out at  Registration is still open for leagues and maybe a tourney???  Their camps and clinics are now offered by skill levels.

I will be talking with Adam at Meadow Creek this week for pickleball info to share with you - stay tuned...

New times/days/venues for Denver Parks and Rec - check it out at

New surfaced courts at Addenbrook - nets in the storage box - 1555 combo - also at O'Kane park.

Dicks Sporting Goods was....having a 20% off sale on paddles - not sure if this is "old" news or ??  Pickleball Ken, Vernonica at the Ridge and Ken at Green Mt. also have paddles.  Let me know if you need their info.




Chris' Corner

Lots of new faces on the courts, lots of great familiar faces, lots of pickleball friends and lots of really excited new players.  As always, I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet and play with soooo many wonderful folks and to introduce this crazy sport to new players.  Thanks to ALL of you who take the time to show others what a great time we have playing pickleball.  Just a few minutes of your time gives a new player such a great start to enjoying a sport that will last a lifetime and a sport that has definitely shown to improve balance, agility and reaction time.  Pickleball is a game that is easy to learn except for a "few" confusing things like the non-volley zone, the third shot drop and the two bounce rules - if you could keep helping those "new" folks with those "things" it would be so beneficial to them ...and well yes, ..the scoring (which is the least important thing to them in the beginning and the very most confusing!!!) 

For you Lakewood players - Sara Livingston who was my first (and still is) pickleball supporter as I attempted to give pickleball a start in the metro area in 2006 has a wonderful cause she supports called the Friends of Paha.  This organization is a non-profit that raises money to support Camp Paha for children and young adults with disabilities.  This camp is life-changing for campers and their families as they learn to build life skills, independence, friendships and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment.  The camp is supported and run by the City of Lakewood.  The fundraiser which Sara has asked me to mention is July 22 from 4:30 - 7:00 at the Lakewood Cultural Center at 470 S. Allison Way. - food and dinks (oops that should be drinks!!) a silent auction and more are included with your ticket.  I do know that this has nothing to do with pickleball but Sara has had so much to do with pickleball and has supported us even when I didn't know we needed support!!!  We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the physical part of our lives and I hope you will consider helping this great organization - contact info:  303-987-7146 or