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From the Pickleball Community

From Chris Beal


Hello everyone,

Colorado summer continues to heat up as does the number of pickleball players.  It is great to see courts full of folks enjoying life and pickleball.  I was up at Apex the other day and saw Leonard wheeling around the court laughing and smiling and making his opponents run all over to get his great shots.  I was also lucky to be invited to a pickleball potluck one evening when the temps cooled off a bit at Whitlock - thanks for sharing the great food and play!!  What a great bunch of folks gathered for the Lakewood Parks and Recreation Social at Whitlock on a Saturday morning - lots of fun with Simone, three's a crowd, rally scoring and the kitchen game - thanks for joining in!   Lots of benefits to this crazy sport!!

Colorado also continues to have many visitors to our wonderful state and many of those folks play pickleball.  Thanks for offering a warm welcome to "new" players that come looking for some Mile High Pickleball.

Did you notice the half page coverage of pickleball in the Life & Culture section of the Denver Post on July 19th?  Pickleball was listed in the 10 fun, affordable activities to do around Denver without sacrificing your savings.  Nice coverage and shout out to the Denver Metro Pickleball Association's monthly free socials on the third Thursdays - check out: for locations and to register or to find other places to play.

The Highlands Ranch Herald dedicated a full section to "This sport is the real dill" with Donnie and Patty Gallegos pictured in action (be sure to ask for an autograph the next time you see them).  The Herald also quoted USAPA saying there has been a 650% increase in the number of players over the past six      yea rs.  The Sports and Fitness Industry Association lists 3.1 million players in 2018.  It is a nice article with several others commenting on this crazy sport we love to be addicted to!!

Anyone know where Doniphan, Missouri is?  Well if you receive the Rural Missouri quarterly publication by the Missouri Electric Cooperative Association then you would have seen a full page dedicated to pickleball with a story telling how one year ago 5 Doniphan pickleball players went to the city leaders to get permission to set up one temporary court.  The city surprised them and resealed a tennis court, painted lines, the Ozark Border Electic Cooperative installed lighting and the Current River Pickleball Club was up and running.  Amazing what happens when you are willing to pursue a possibility and put forth some good old fashion initiative.  Doniphan's population is 2,198.

How about Kevin Deyo's initiative - he will be traveling to Guatemala in October to teach 125 school children in the village of El Rosario in the city of Chimaltenango how to play pickleball.  We can help with his adventure by donating paddles and balls for him to take - new or used.  If you would like to donate, please give me a call and I will get the paddles/balls to him.  Chris - 720-301-2804.

Still have some initiative....the Vail Open tourney still needs volunteers and referees - Aug 13 - 18th - give Jerry Stevens a call 970-471-3757

Want to witness some outstanding initiative???  Check out the Pickleball for Parkinson's drop in at St Charles Rec Center on the first and second Tuesdays - 12 - 2:00 - please let anyone that might benefit from this know that they are most welcome to join in - we will teach them to play or they can just come and play!!!  Or check out Simplified Pickleball for folks with memory issues every Tuesday 1:00 - 3:00 at Whitlock Rec - caregivers must attend with the player.

Drop in times - clinics - lessons - tournaments

Interested in an Intermediate Pickleball Workshop??  Denver Parks & Rec will offer one on Sept. 14th - 2:00 - 4:00 @ the indoor courts at St. Charles Rec Center - 3777 Lafayette St, Denver - 720-865-2190 - give them a call - clinic is $5 - $10 depending on your age !!!  

South Suburban:  Beginning clinic at Cornerstone on Aug 24th, 5 - 7pm and at Lone Tree on Aug 26 - 3-5.  Beginning Boot Camp - Thurs. Sept 5 - 26, 2-4 @ Goodson and Fridays Sept 6 - 27, 10-12 @ Cornerstone.  Call 303-483-7035 to register.

Beginner's free clinic every Friday from 3 - 5 at Whitlock Rec - just show up!

Beginning Clinic at Wheat Ridge on Aug 16th - 12 - 2:30 - call 303-231-1300 to register - it is free but you must register for it.

Apex shuttles happen every Friday morning at 9 am and the PM shuttle is offered every 2nd and last Friday of the month starting at 6:30.  Adult outdoor leagues for the fall begin Sept 3 - Oct 25 - registration deadline is Aug 23rd. Call 303-424-2739 for details on sign up for shuttles and leagues.

The Ridge will be closed Aug 12th  - 18th.

Pickleball For Heroes Tourney is a great way to support TBI Freedom at Craig Hospital as ALL proceeds go directly to Craig. The tourney is Aug. 24 - 25 at the 24 beautiful outdoor courts at Apex (82 and Simms)  You are guaranteed 8 games and there is even a session for beginning players to try their hand in a tourney.  Registration closes Aug 14th so get right to  Don't want to play? ok, just come and watch on Saturday morning at 8:00 for the opening ceremonies. If you would like to make a donation -

How about a trip to Steamboat Springs this fall???  Sept. 14 & 15 are the dates for the Fall Brawl Team Challenge - teams of 3 women and 3 men will play in skill divisions 3.0 - 5.0, women's, men's and mixed.  Give Orlie Carpio a call to find out all the details - 970-631-6998.  These team tourneys are gaining popularity and are quite fun!!1

Courts - additions, improvements and future sites/venues

Tanks Park pickleball courts - 10371 S. Broadway - will be relocated to the east tank with fences installed, enhanced nets and a shade structure.  No date given as to when this will take place.

Four new, lighted, dedicated pickleball courts will be installed at Bear Valley Park (Dartmouth and Saulsbury) - completion date is 2020 and there will be 6 tennis courts also - way to go Denver!!!

Lined courts at S. Simms Park, Addenbrook Park, O'Kane Park and Lakewood Estates - nets in storage box on the courts - 1555 combo.

Just a rumor....more courts at Cornerstone????

Chris' Corner -  

PrimeTime Pickleball is a free resource that give lots of tips and videos on how to improve your game like how to get that third shot to drop, how to put spin on the ball, how to improve your dinking and more.  Check it out - I think you have to subscribe but maybe not???

I have mentioned initiative several times in this newsletter in an attempt to get those few players, who "moan and groan" when they have to wait to play or when they want "something" to change, to step up and "do something" instead of expecting everything to be handed to them.  Some of us have worked very hard to have these programs and facilities available and often witness players who have done nothing to help with this endeavor comprise our efforts with complaints and negativity.  These same players often feel they own the courts and do not share by rotating or inviting waiting players (regardless of the skill level) to join in the game.  We need more players like the Doniphan Missouri players and more Kevin Deyo leaders.  Just saying......

But ...  of course ...I do know how lucky I am to be in this pickleball community when I see what a difference it makes in people's lives or when I see how excited players are after playing their first game or when someone asks me to play with them!!!!  And... thanks for the very nice pickleball shoes.