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From the Pickleball Community

Arvada pickleball players won the Golden Tennis Shoe Award for the largest team at the Arvada Ralston House .5k  Endurance Challenge. Seventy-one generous people registered with the Picklebll Group.  A big thanks to all of you! The funds raised at the race today will help abused kids and their families. Pickle peeps are the best!  Look for the golden shoe at the outdoor courts.

2016 Ralston House .5K

Arvada Pickleball Players

From Chris Beal

Hello Everyone,

Love this Colorado weather!!!!  Beautiful one day, so windy the next day that the ball comes back to you before it crosses the net and then of course there are those days that the best outdoor court activity is building snow people.... Springtime in Colorado has been interesting.  

Lots of tournaments occurring in Colorado and lots of Colorado players have entered tournaments in Florida, Arizona, California and Wyoming to mention a few  - I can't give you all the results but Colorado players do very well against the "rest of the world" and that continues to bring the skill level ranking up in our local tourneys.  I will give you the up coming tourney information that I have and would also suggest you check the Denver Metro Pickleball Association's web page for listings that I may not have -

The DMPA is offering a great beginner skills and drills April 19th - 10 am - noon at the MLK outdoor courts - 3880 Newport St. and then between 5 - 7 pm at East High School, they need your help to attend the final Open House for the City Park Master Plan to let they city know that we need more pickleball facilities.  Contact Dede Frain with questions :  The DMPA is also offering intermediate skills and drills on April 26, a round robin mixer in May - check the web pages for locations, times ,etc.  

Do you at times wonder what you might do to improve your game?  Sometimes it is not your knowledge or skills that need a little help but instead a little work in the area of strength, balance and agility might be the answer.  Yes, most of us remember how much different we moved in our 20s and 30s and have not done much to try to keep that part of the game alive and well.  If this sounds like something you might like to work on, Lakewood Recreation has just the class for you starting June 4th at the Carmody Rec Center (Kipling and Jewell).  class will meet on Mondays - 9:15 - 10:15 am for 6 weeks - Registration for this class opens April 26th - Agility, Strength and Balance Training - Activity #222520 - $49 - $59 fee but free to Silver Sneakers (you still need to register so they will know how many will attend the class).

Lakewood will also be offering an Adult Wellness Fair at Whiltlock Rec on May 18th - 8 - 12 - check it out on their web page - we will be giving a pickleball demo that morning.  Lakewood's Earth Day celebration is April 21st at the Heritage Cultural Center - lots of good "stuff" going on - check it out - it's free.

 I want to  let you know that the new program/drop in time for players with cognitive impairment/memory loss is now a reality and will begin on May 1st from 1 - 2:30 at Whitlock Rec Center - 1555 Dover St, Lakewood.   If you know folks that could benefit from a modified game of pickleball once a week, please encourage them to attend this new program.  Care givers should attend with the player.

An explanation of the changes in Rocky Mountain Senior Games seems necessary.   The "Senior Games" that were basically held in and around Greeley for years and years are now being combined with the "Rocky Mountain State Games" in Colorado Springs.  I know it is very confusing because the initials are the same RMSG and when you register for the Senior games it is under the State games .  The Senior Games will be played on July 19th and 20th for players 50+ (age divisions by five year increments - divisions by age only not skill) and will be a qualifing tourney for the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, N.M.  The State games will be played July 21 - 22nd and are skill/age 19+ divisions.  To register for either or both tournaments go to:

I wanted to mention again some rec centers that have pickleball drop in times that are NOT being used - these drop in times may disappear if they are not used - if you know of courts that need players please drop me a line and I will include them in the next newsletter -  check out MLK courts at 3880 Newport on Tues, Thurs (10:30 - 12:30) and Sundays 8:00 am - 11:00.  there are three indoor courts and right next door are 4 beautiful outdoor courts open every day!!!  St Charles Rec Center would love for you come and play on Tues through Sat - noon - 3:00. The Rec Center is located at 3777 LaFayette St in Denver.  Not to be confused with the Lafayette YMCA that just added courts  at 95th and Arapahoe.  They play MWF from 12:30 - 3:00.  Lone Tree Recreation changed some of their drop in time in February - they play Tues, Thurs and Friday 12:30 - 3:30 and Sun 3 - 6.     That noon to 3:00 time is very popular!!!

For those of you would like to travel - always pack your paddle !!!  Pickleball is everywhere !!!  Holland America Cruise Line has added pickleball to all of their 14 ships !!!  The Costa Rica vacation, Dec 1 - 8,  that James and Kim Main organize is filling up - this year Christine McGrath and Kyle Yates will be there to play and give instruction on the 12 pickleball courts at the resort. Deposit is due May 15th.   Go to around the world for information or give James a call @ 253-226-5964.  And...if you happen to be traveling to Florida in Oct, Nov or Dec2018 or Jan. Feb Mar and April 2019, check out the Zero, Zero Stay vacations/tourneys - boy do they plan ahead!!!


Check out all of South Suburban Parks and Recreation's clinics, tourneys and camps at

Apex Foundation Memorial Day tourney - May 26 - 27 - registration deadline -May 14th -

The Second Annual Windsor "Super" Spring Classic tourney on May 26 & 27 (rain day the 28th) 6 outdoor courts - skill levels 3.0 - 5.0 - 12 team limit - round robin & pool play plus a single elimination championship bracket - register by May 18th @

Erie Miners Pickleball Tourney - June 2nd -  8 outdoor courts in Erie.  Men's and women's doubles only - no mixed - 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 divisions.   Registration opens April 23 for residents and April 30 for non-residents - they did not send a registration link so please give the Erie Rec Center a call for more info.

New Castle, Colorado will host a 2 day bootcamp and exhibition on June 11 - 12 - 8 am - noon.  Four pro players:  Kyle Yates, Christine McGrath, Ben Johns and Irina Tereschenko will be working with all students for two hours each during the two day camp.  At then end of the camp the 4 pros will play an exhibition match - if you can't make the camp, you can still attend the exhibition for $25.. Contact James Main for infor on the camp and how to register:  James Main, 26 Buckskin Circle, New Castle, Co 81647

Remember that FREE Denver Parks and Rec tournament I mentioned last month????  Well My Denver PRIME Pickleball Blast is still FREE and registration opens on May 8th at noon @  The tournament date is June 27th - two divisions:  intermediate 3.5 and lower and advanced 4.0 and above - there will be men's, women's and mixed doubles - this tourney will award paddles to the first place teams in each division - free entry -  possible paddle??? this is a no brainer - but you must sign up and the entries are limited to first come, first in - don't be left out !!!!  Mixed doubles will be on the indoor courts, men's and women's doubles will be on the outdoor courts.

Heroes Tourney at Apex - Sept 1 - 3 - all proceeds go to TBI @ Craig Hospital - register @


Battle of the Paddle tourney in Gypsum - Sept. 27 - 30 - register by Set 15 @

Chris' Corner

Many times you hear the "motto" that pickleball is for everyone, all ages, all skills and abilities and you hear how it has changed lives - I do believe it is a sport that provides so much enjoyment at so many different levels.  Pickleball is adaptable - play it on your driveway, indoors, outdoors, wood floors, coated surfaces and even on carpeted gym floors!!!  Today I stopped in to see the after school pickleball club at Patterson elementary school. Steve Otto, Larry Orme and Suzanne Becker are laying the ground work for some 4th and 5th graders who I am sure will one day be 5.0 players.  Don't you wish you had learned to play when you were10 years young??  Whether we teach 10 year olds or 80 year olds, there is such a wonderful feeling when you see the smiles and self confidence grow from playing this "silly sounding" sport.  Thanks for passing the opportunities to others as you share your love of the game.