Doris & Abe Weiss

Doris  & Abe Weiss  play at Westminster & Apex

I wanted to write to you about how Pickleball has changed our lives.  Having moved to CO from NJ 2 years ago, I looked for ways to connect with activities that I liked and an opportunity to make new friends. I found a friendly Mah Jongg group at the MAC and that’s where I met Ginney…and when I asked her if she was going to play Mah Jong on Friday, she said – “No, I play Pickleball on Friday and I would never miss that.”  And of course I said – “What is Pickleball?”  She explained and gave me your number.  I contacted you and showed up to learn the game.  After playing a few times, I am such an enthusiast and tell everyone I know about it. I told my husband, Abe, and he actually tried something that I suggested – which was a nice surprise for me.  And he loves playing too.  It keeps us active. We love playing the game and we love all the friendly people we have met.  We look forward to our Pickleball sessions and feel really deprived when we can’t make it.  Thanks so much for bringing this sport into our lives.