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Four months ago, a small inconspicuous group of 5 men and 7 women met with the goal of forming a support network of friendly and caring people to aid the needs of the ever-growing pickleball community. As they want to assist in any way they can to make life easier for the pickleball players and their family members, following are a few suggestions.

1. Get well, sympathy, and thinking of you cards and phone calls.
2. Going through complicated paperwork associated with Medicare and other bills and insurances.

3. Advice on alternative living accommodations such as independent, assistive living and nursing homes.

4. Letters that need to be written.

5. Providing meals.
6. Respite for caregivers.

7. Light odd jobs such as installing grab bars in showers, lawn work, woodworking, plumbing, and moving furniture to accommodate hospital beds and wheelchairs.

8. Rides to and from appointments and procedures.

9. Loan of DME's (durable medical equipment) wheelchair, walker, sock pull, canes, etc.

10. Just being a friendly, supportive and caring ear by phone, hospital and home visits.

If you feel that you or someone else could use a little of this help, please notify Pickleball Ken with helpful information such as name, phone numbers and e-mail address. Of course, all contacts are kept confidential.

In the meantime, please know that people in néed will be kept in our thoughts and prayers.

Your Pickleball Caring Hearts


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