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2012 Social Events!

Greeley Senior Games

June 2012

Pickleball Social

July 14, 2012

Photos by Georgia Lynch

Pickleball Social

July 14, 2012

Photos by Cammie O’Connor


Holiday Party at Apex

December 6, 2012

Holiday Surprise

December 2012

Hi Pickleballers,

Below are words that expresses how we both feel about all of you. Your support of us and the community of Pickleball is a true labor of love. Thanks you for thinking of us. Have a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. Ken

Hello to all of the great fun Pickleball people from the APEX Center that are part of the wonderful gifts given to PickleballKen and myself,

This was such a unexpected pleasure and special treat from all of you to give of yourselves such "over the top" gifts to me for the little bit that I do to help make pickleball a good time for all of you at the APEX Center.

I would love to say "Thank you" all of you one at a time but I know I might miss someone and I would not want to do that at all. So I hope this will work for you as a group and I will and have thanked a few of you already in person. A special thanks to all of people that who did the leg work to make this all happen, Maryann, Judy and all!

"Thank you" all very much and lets work for more success in the future of pickleball at the APEX Center and of course the new outdoor courts to be coming shortly ( I have faith!) or anywhere 2 or more people gather on a court to enjoy a friendly game of Pickleball!! I already have a large family of relatives and now I have a very large family of friends too!!! I am very happy that Ken came up to the Silver Sneakers meeting to talk about this game I didn't know a thing about before last Sept and now it's all I seem to be thinking about!!! All happy thoughts of course except when I remember someone out playing me on the court but they only make me work to be a better player.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all of the fun Pickleball players everywhere!

Your Friend.

Tom Carney