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Pickleball is a little like tennis, only smaller. It’s a little like ping pong, only bigger. It’s even a little like badminton, but played with a wiffle ball!

Come check it out or come play with us. Visit when and where to play.  See how it’s played.

Oh yes, the REWARDs are a healthier life style and a bunch of new friends!

Pickleball “Hall of Fame” Quote

We play with relish;

Put mustard on the server;

and when we are behind, we ketchup!

***Pickleball For Heroes

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***Pickleball for Heroes Tournament  September 3-7

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Arvada pickleball players won the Golden Tennis Shoe Award for the largest team at the Arvada Ralston House .5k  Endurance Challenge.  Sixty six generous folks registered for the event and over 40 showed up and walked (some ran) while wearing pickleball necklaces made by Dottie and her crew.  A big thanks to all of you! The funds raised at the race today will help abused kids and their families. Pickle peeps are the best!  Look for the golden shoe at the outdoor courts.

Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Littleton players, you too can participate in a Ralston House .5k!  There is a race at Belmar on August 29.  You can register on line at ralstonhouse.net. For team name put pickleball. It would be great to have a great showing at that race too!

Mary Beattie

Upcoming Closings/Schedule Changes

Apex Center will be closed from August 17 to 21st for cleaning.  Fall schedule begins August 24.  Open play: Monday & Wednesday 10:30 - 4:00; Friday: 1:00 - 4:00  Skills and Drills: Tuesday:  9:00 - 12:00; Thursday:  1:00 - 4:00  To check schedule call the fitness desk @ 303.463.4241 (this is their direct number)

To check on the outdoor courts call the Simms Street Center @ 303.467.7120

Thornton Recreation Center will be closed August 29 - Sept. 7th.

Westminster Recreatioon Center closed for cleaning August 24 - 31. Fall hours begin: September 2.

West View Recreation Center will be closed August 3 - 19th

Referee Clinic August 18 and August 20 at the outdoor courts 8:15 a.m. Look for Steve Cole and the old guy.  Steve knows all the rules!! Get ready to be a referee for the Pickleball for Heroes Tournament September 3 - 7th.